...because likes don't pay the bills.

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course focus

Consumer Psychology: the study of human behavior regarding their buying patterns, customs and preferences in relation to consumer products including their reactions and preferences to advertising, packaging and marketing of those products.

Conversion Marketing: refers to tactics that encourage customers to take specific action, “converting” a person browsing your website into a purchaser of your product or service.


Community to Clients

Community to Clients is an intense self-paced course for creative entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling when it not only comes to Instagram marketing, but monetizing your following as well. Imagine... what if you could not only market to and connect with your IG audience in a more purposeful manner, but post about your services and products knowing you're going to get a surge of inquiries and bookings when you do? Imagine having an entire audience of pre-qualified potential clients who want to hire and work with you. Imagine not only knowing exactly what to post every time but being consistent with your content as well! That would be AMAZING, right?!?


Community to Clients is our detailed blueprint that connects the dots between actionable marketing strategies and results driven monetization of all that hard work. This step by step course teaches comprehensive methods that will take you through the process of learning who your ideal client is, how to post content that will be relevant to those potential clients through not only posts but stories, IG Live, IGTV, and Reels, how to connect with them in authentic ways, how to sell to your audience without being spammy, and how to analyze your data to learn how to better shape your content for even better reception among your followers. Most IG courses only teach you how to market to your followers... Community to Clients teaches you how to market in ways that are backed by consumer psychology to convert your audience into actual bookings.


are you...

+ Seeing direct inquiry results when you post on IG?

+ Keeping up with current trends like IGTV & Reels?

+ Talking about your business in a way that isn’t salesy?

+ Having natural conversations with leads in your DMs?

+ Creating content that gets your audience’s attention?

+ Converting a warm IG lead into a paying client?

+ Having a short and long game IG marketing campaign?

If not, then this course is for you.


The doors are closing in:


the instructors

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Amanda Holloway

The psychological expert specializing in the HOW of conversion marketing & the WHY of consumer psychology.

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Kahlea Nicole

The genius influencer turned business coach specializing in connecting the dots between social media growth and consistent income.

A dynamite team!

Amanda Holloway and Kahlea Nicole are a dynamite team. I was lucky enough to attend this Powerhouse Team's workshop last year. The marketing expertise I took home is invaluable and I am still implementing it today. Being a photographer in the competitive market of Los Angeles, my social media platforms need to stand out above all the others. I learned not only to be unique but to develop my Brand and really find out who my ideal client is. Having a young prospective from an icon social media influencer helped me to stay current with the ever changing world of social media. My business skyrocketed after implementing what I learned at this workshop. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years. There is not a photographer out there that would not benefit from the knowledge these incredible team is sharing with you. DO NOT pass this opportunity up!


What YOU will learn in the Community to Clients course:

+ How the 2020 algorithm really works and how to master it

+ How to connect with your audience so they engage

+ How to read your analytics so you know what changes to make

+ How to use your bio to get more committed inquiries

+ How to sell via storytelling so you don’t feel salesy

+ What content to put on stories vs main posts

+ What hashtags to use to surge followers

+ How to write engaging captions every time

+ How to convert your followers into paying clients

+ How to create, batch, and maximize your content




The Modules


Before your community commits to you they have to get a little bit curious about you. This starts with your Instagram bio and ideal client. In module 1, we’ll cover:


  • Your mindset around your content and Instagram overall

  • How to identify your ideal client and how to speak to them in a way that gets their attention

  • Niching - the do’s the don’ts and all the mistakes to avoid 

  • Setting up your profile for attraction and conversions 

  • Perfecting your bio, highlight strategy, and everything in between


Okay, so you’re not stressed about your profile or your content anymore so it’s time to move on to cultivating a real connection with your audience. This, my friend, is where the magic happens. We couldn’t have done it with Module 1 + 2, though. In module 3 we’ll dive into:


  • Content buckets for your feed and IG stories featuring our signature billboard method

  • StorySELLING: how to fuse story + selling together to make a juicy conversion formula

  • How to get your audience to engage with your stories (ahem, AKA get them in your DMs)

  • How to position yourself in front of the audience you want to have

  • BONUS: how to use IG stickers for market research


Now that your Instagram profile is set up for success, let’s make sure we make it simple for them to become obsessed with you by creating the right content. In module 2, we cover:


  • How to write captions that get make them hit the save and share button

  • A step-by-step checklist on how to write captions that convert

  • Your guide to batching content & being consistent

  • Breaking down the power of hashtags and best practices (bonus hashtag library included)

  • How to create an aesthetic grid, IG Live + Reels strategies, and tons more!


Now that we’ve built an authentic connection (aka relationship), we’re going to dive deep into how to sell on Instagram without feeling “salesy”. You’ll also learn how to go from friend zone to end zone using our proven methods. We pinky promise that these are the exact same methods we use every 👏🏼 single 👏🏿 day 👏🏽 to turn our own communities into paying clients. In module 4, we’ll cover:


  • How and when to post about your sessions, services, & products

  • How to use case studies as social proof 

  • Creating urgency, scarcity, and FOMO

  • The power of sales psychology

  • Asking for the sale like it’s just another day at the office (because it is)


The only way to measure what’s working and what’s not is by reading your analytics. Put on your glasses because it’s time to get nerdy up in here. In module 5, we’re going to teach you how to:


  • How to look for patterns of interest in your content

  • Using your conclusions & analytics to help you create content

  • How to tweak and perfect your offers based on feedback

  • How to use your market research to create offers

  • Saves, shares, and website clicks (what to look for)


the coutdown

The doors are closing in:

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of all these bonuses droppin’ into your lap. 


We were like, “Dang, we don’t want to leave all these incredible resources out of the course, but where do we put it? … IN THE BONUS SECTION, DUH.”





Check out all the extras!

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the online

We would NEVER leave you hanging to just figure it all out on your own! Once you’re a member of Community to Clients, you’re in the family! Feel free to add yourself to our online community where we will be checking in, answering questions LIVE, going over more advanced topics and so much more! Kahlea and Amanda will be there to hold your hand as you navigate throughout each module and lesson! And don’t forget that this means you get to join a community of like-minded students to bounce ideas off of, share your trial and error stories, and learn together!

The marketing QUEEN!

This is the stuff that dreams are made of.  Big fluffy dreams with rainbows, butterflies and unicorns! SERIOUSLY...the marketing QUEEN, Amanda Holloway teaming up with an Instagram GURU, Kahlea Nicole?  Yeah it doesn't get any better than this.  The sheer knowledge they will unleash on you and the savvy know how to maximize your marketing efforts in to actual paid results will be mind blowing.  I know both of these successful girl bosses (and have learned from both) and let me tell you, they will not leave anything out there to chance.  I am so ready for this course.  It will be the game changer we all want and need!



The Investment

I want you to think about a term you hear when considering purchasing education: return on investment. This means that whatever cost the education is to you, you will receive either a low, match, or high return BACK from the education you learn. C2C offers a DIRECT return on your investment into the course simply because it teaches students how to reach their target audience online, get in front of them consistently, and get more inquiries and bookings in return by using conversion marketing tactics.


Get instant access to $10k worth of material for only...

Pay in Full

3 Month Payment Plan










She breaks down things...

"After hearing Kahlea at the KSW Conference last September I was sure she could help me with my business Instagram strategy and her training did not disappoint! I joined her Instagram class, followed her instructions and suggestions on captions, batch posting, highlights, edits to my bio and profile and the results are amazing. Not only did it cut down immensely on the time it took to manage my Instagram but I now know exactly what to do. I was able to quadruple my prices this year and attract my ideal clients straight from Instagram. If you’re looking to do the same,

Kahlea is your girl"



can you...

Imagine having an audience that’s ready to book your session availability instead of just saying “OMG, Wow! This looks amazing.” on all of your IG images & posts... but not taking action.


We’ve all been there, friend. You create a new session offering, launch a new product, or hype up an already existing session campaign for weeks and months on Instagram. The feedback you get along the way is, “Oh my gosh, this is exactly what I want!” OR “So, good! Can’t wait!”, blah blah blah. But, when you release new dates and availability options, you have nothing but crickets in your e-mail inbox because all those likes and comments just didn’t convert into inquiries or bookings. 


Your stomach drops, you run back to your IG comments to make sure you didn’t dream about all the encouragement you got. It’s still there, so what the heck happened? “What did I do wrong?!” becomes your anthem for the day as you quietly exit your IG app and hope no one remembers your “failed” attempt. 


Take a deep breath because it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, this course is going to teach you how to flip the script and implement the many proven ways to turn your community into clients and get paid. There’s not just one way to implement a successful IG strategy --- there are many, and we’ve got ‘em all.


10 ways to know you’re ready to get serious & turn your community into paying clients:

  1. You’re still struggling to master the algorithm

  2. You pretend like you know how to read your analytics

  3. You hate your IG bio or change it every 20 minutes

  4. You still don’t know what kind of content your audience responds to

  5. You’re confused by hashtags

  6. Selling on Instagram feels like learning another language

  7. You’re flying by the seat of your pants when it comes time to post

  8. You post your session availability and nobody inquires 

  9. You don’t know how to maximize engagement with killer captions

  10. Your followers number isn’t growing the way you’d like


the coutdown

The doors are closing in:

Frequently asked questions

I’m a busy hustler. Can I participate when I have the time or do I have to participate at certain times and days?

Community to Clients is an AT YOUR PACE kinda course! If you want to blast through it in a month, go for it! If you want to take your time and digest each module with plenty of time for homework, that’s awesome! Either way, you can take as much or as little time as you need. Everyone’s process will look a little different and that is the beauty of a self-paced course.

How long will I be able to access Community to Clients?

Forever! This is a lifetime course! Guess what that means?!? If you join NOW – you’re in forever... including when we update the course, add any modules, and evolve it overtime! Oh yes, joining now gets you all the future perks too!

Is this course for a certain kind of photographer?

Community to Clients is for ALL portrait photographers... no matter your genre or no matter your age, no matter your experience or no matter your level of income. You will walk away with new tools that have proven results time after time across thousands of students.

How is Community to Clients different than other IG courses?

C2C’s focus is all about using very specific marketing strategies to monetize your following. We know that IG is A LOT of work and when all that work doesn’t result in income, it can get VERY disheartening. A lot of IG courses focus on how to take interesting pictures, edit them, and showcase them. Guess what? We’re all photographers and we already know HOW to do that. So much wasted money on past courses that taught that content! This course is different because we dedicated each module to actionable marketing strategies backed by consumer psychology that can get you real results and real income.

What kind of content is in Community to Clients? Sometimes I need to read, hear and watch to absorb the information.

AWESOME! This course includes so many different levels of learning because we wanted to make sure that anyone could take this course, and get actionable education out of it. Each module presents a video with visuals of the information, downloadable worksheets and printables for hands on learning, the ability to download the slides for note taking if needed, and even a course workbook that dives in deep to each topic. No matter how you learn, we got your back!

Will we have access to you personally? What if I have questions?!?

HECK YES! We would NEVER leave you hanging to just figure it all out on your own! Once you’re a member of Community to Clients, you’re in the family! Feel free to add yourself to our online community where we will be checking in, answering questions LIVE, going over more advanced topics and so much more! We will be there to hold your hand as you navigate throughout each module and lesson! And don’t forget that this means you get to join a community of like-minded students to bounce ideas off of, share your trial and error stories, and learn together!

Can I buy Community to Clients now and then begin the course later? I’m busy this time of year!

ABSOLUTELY! We know that seasons come and go in a photographers’ life and you may need to wait until you can clear your calendar to get started. No worries! When you purchase your seat to Community to Clients, you’re in forever, so take your time and begin the course when you’re ready!

I’m a brand new photographer & just getting started. Is this course for me?

Are you kidding?!? NOW is the perfect time for Community to Clients! Want to know why? Because this means you’ll hit the ground running with good habits, good marketing methods, and good strategies. So many photographers who have come to us later in their photography career tell us that they wish they would have learned our IG marketing techniques earlier because they had built so many bad habits and therefore had been attracting the wrong kind of followers all along. NOW is the time to learn incredible habits that will benefit you for years to come.

Do you have a refund policy?

We absolutely do! Within 14 days of your Community to Clients seat purchase, if you decide this course isn’t for you after you show us all of your completed homework, downloads, printables, worksheets, and notes as well as proof that you have implemented what you’ve learned on your IG profile without increased engagement, we will refund your seat purchase.


the coutdown

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