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Pricing for Profit is an intense self-paced course for photographers who are tired of financially struggling in their business (and even their personal lives). It's my 5 step process to a purposeful & profitable pricing and sales plan for your photography business that teaches actionable strategies that will take you through a personal & business financial analysis, implementation of a minimum order requirement and session tiers, building collections and a la carte product offerings that motivate higher sales averages without icky hard-sell tactics, and even features the detailed process of in person sales sessions using psychological methods that result in increased earnings every time.


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Your 5 Step Process to a Purposeful & Profitable Pricing and

Sales Plan for your Photography Business 

... because you want to finally get off the financial struggle bus. 

Imagine if...

Imagine... what if you could go into your sessions knowing you’re going to make an incredible profit that will not only get your monthly bills paid, but allow you to begin saving in a way that benefits you & your family’s future? 

Imagine knowing exactly why you’re pricing that beautiful album at the price you’ve chosen. 

Imagine not having to hard-sell your clients for a higher sale. 

Imagine walking into a sales session knowing you’re going to make AT LEAST what you need to make ends meet?  

The doors for Pricing for Profit are open until:



I began photographing portrait clients 10 years ago while working full time as a Juvenile Probation Officer. I lived in an 800 square foot apartment on the bad side of town and drove my Ford Ranger that my Mom bought me when I was 16 years old. I remember when I started photographing clients going through several different pricing guides for photographers but I still just couldn’t make it work. I couldn’t understand why I was charging what I was, but still not being able to bring home any real income from taking pictures.  After sitting down and figuring out a plan, I knew what I needed to make and after a ton of trial and error, I finally figured out how to make it happen. You see... I learned to think the OPPOSITE of what all those pricing for photographer guides had taught me. They failed in teaching photographers how to price themselves with an end result in mind. I finally understood WHY I was charging the prices I was charging. Once I realized that I had created an actionable system that created real results, I was on the fast track to insane success. My average sales went from a few hundred dollars to $4,000. 

And in the past 7 years, they’ve steadily risen to $5,500 average client sales. I was able to quit my full time job within a year of implementing my new pricing strategies and spend more time with my family than I had ever imagined.

I was making SIX TIMES MORE in my photography career, just from client sales alone, than I was making when I had a fulltime job as a Juvenile Probation Officer.  


Once other photographers heard about the results of my pricing & sales strategies, they began asking me to teach them my exact methods. And guess what? Thousands of students later, my blueprints for success are working for them too. No matter where they’re from, what socio-economic demographics they serve, they are experiencing shocking income surges. They are hitting goal sales sessions almost every client session, higher sales averages, and increased profits across the board. I am beyond proud of my students because while I just gave them the toolbox, they put in all the hard work and are seeing incredible results from it.  

And now, it’s time for me to give YOU the same toolbox. All the step by step details and strategies that my past students have become so financially successful with.



What can YOU get out of Pricing for Profit

✓ a REAL understanding of where you currently stand financially 

✓ a complete comprehension of how to connect what you NEED for income & how to make it 

✓ a system that filters in your actual target market that can pay your prices 

✓ a structure of collections that are built to motivate high end sales 

✓ a blue-print of a la carte pricing offerings that will seamlessly transition into your collections 

✓ a checks & balance method that will let you know you’ve priced yourself correctly before ever offering it to a client  

✓ a comprehensive plan for in-person sales sessions that result in increased client averages 

✓ purposeful planning for your entire business & personal finances  




this course is

You’re overworked and underpaid

You’re tired of not making ends meet

You want / need to make higher average sales 

You don’t want to hard-sell your clients (ew)

You have no idea what you should be charging for your sessions and/or products

You had to undervalue yourself and your skills just to book a few clients

You think you may have to go back to a 9-5 job  and hate the idea of it

Notice that not one of those factors points to a specific genre of photographer with a specific amount of experience. Pricing for Profit is for ALL portrait photographers... no matter your genre or no matter your age, no matter your experience or no matter your level of income. You will walk away with new tools that have proven results time after time across thousands of students.  


What's inside Pricing for Profit?

Module 1

Welcome & Navigation

Module 4

Building Your Collections

Module 2

Financial Analysis

Module 5

A Complete A La Carte System

Module 3

Pre-qualifying Your

Target Clients

Module 6

In-person Sales Strategies

Module 7

All-Inclusive Method


Welcome & Navigation





Financial Analysis

Can I tell you a secret? Most women don’t know how much it costs for their families to live from month to month. It’s true. I’ve taught thousands of photographers and this is a major common denominator among my students when it comes to finances. And I can’t tell you how many of my students were SHOCKED to find out how much money was being spent on x, y, z and that they were actually PAYING their clients to photograph them instead of being paid to do so.  


It’s time for you to KNOW. Because once you know better, you do better. This module will help you discover your expenses and current financial standing. This information will help you decide your pricing in the long run. There are plenty of downloads and worksheets to help you map out your expenses so that you’ll be able to transition these numbers into a system that you can understand exactly how much income you need to make so that you can contribute to your family in a way that provides beyond what is needed. Imagine not continuing to incur debt... or having the emergency fund you need when something comes us... or contributing to your own retirement plan... or starting a vacation fund. ALL of things are possible when you are able to make MORE income so that you can cover your monthly expenses and beyond.  

We will get started by learning what’s inside each module as well as how to navigate the entire course itself. Module #1 will help you get familiar with your dashboard, find out where all your awesome downloads and bonuses are, and how to set yourself up for success. This will give you the CONFIDENCE to move forward, knowing that every action you take is directly tied to your increased income! 

Pre-qualifying Your Target Clients



Module #3 is all about minimum order requirements  (MORs) and how to implement them, as well as how to build session tiers, if that’s something you want to offer your clients.  


MORs are beyond imperative for your business. Even though it can be nerve wracking at times to filter OUT certain potential clients, it’s even more important to pre-qualify others. Establishing an MOR will help you not only meet your needs financially, but exceed them due to the incredible science of psychology. In this module, you’ll learn exactly what your MOR needs to be, so that you and your family can survive and THAT is awesome.  


You’ll also learn all about session tiers! I started this career offering session tiers and it really helped me get a handle on what my target market really wanted for sessions, as well as what I was willing to offer too. Through years of trial and error, I was finally able to craft a customizable session option that my clients are thrilled with every time.  



Building Your Collections

Module #4 is my absolute favorite because it not only dissects my collection offerings, but it also breaks down the psychology behind what pushes clients to purchase the higher collection offerings over the lower ones.  


We will explore what products need to go in which collections, what to price each collection, and how to build them so that choosing the top collection will be an absolute no brainer for your clients. My collections are specifically built for success and learning the consumerism psychology behind them is going to make you that much more successful.  

A Complete A La Carte System



Have you noticed it yet??? The subtle difference between the way we, as Pricing for Profit students, build our pricing system in comparison to what every other photographer does? It’s all in the sequence of events... the order of the system. It’s what most would consider “backwards.” Yep. Completely reversed. Think about it: most photographer pricing systems tell you to begin with the a la carte products. They tell you to start with your gift prints and then build up from there. Then they teach to throw the products in different collections depending on their price.  


YOU GUYS. NO. That’s not rooted in science. It’s not rooted in psychology. It just doesn’t work. 


That’s why pricing your a la carte pricing module (#5) comes AFTER your collection building module (#4). Remember, we built your collections based on what you want to make for your income so you know you can bring in your monthly family contribution. This creates a purposeful system for income that allows you to focus on the end result instead of hoping and praying that you’ll get paid what you need to. This way, you can filter in your a la carte products into your planned collections. They literally fall into place.  



In-Person Sales Strategies

In Module #6 – our final module, we will be learning all about how your in person sales session will run while applying psychological methods to motivate the highest average sale possible, for your pricing structure. We will be going over how important the timeline is and how to re-introduce your pricing to your client at the right time and how to easily transition into closing the sale itself. This is your payday after all your hard work!  


You will also get to watch an ordering session from beginning to end! You can watch the split screen of me and my clients so that you can even watch their reactions while viewing their gallery & product showcase!  

All-Inclusive Method



Don't worry... if you don't offer products, hold in person sales, or are wanting to transition to all inclusive sessions, that doesn't mean you have to struggle! Everyone's answer to making more money as a photography business is to hold in person sales and sometimes we, as business owners, are not in the place to do so. And that's ok! I'm here to teach you how to make thousands of dollars in average sales WITHOUT products & sales sessions by using the same psychology and science of value structuring! In this module, you'll learn not only how to market all inclusive sessions, but how to structure the offers so that you can point your potential clients to book the offer you want to sell the most! You will also learn how to transition into booking these sessions, how to visually showcase the differences, collect the full payments up front, create a hybrid pricing model, and add value to the offers that result in thousands of dollars in pre-session income! My average all inclusive session results in $3,000 before I ever capture a single image!  



pricing for

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Check out all of the extras!

Inside every module are tons of bonus content in the form of downloadable, printables, worksheets, resource guides, videos and more! YES! I just love bonus content because they really help my students understand each concept in a deeper way.  




the online

I  would NEVER leave you hanging to just figure it all out on your own! Once you’re a member of Pricing for Profit, you’re in the family! Feel free to add yourself to our online community where I will be checking in, answering questions LIVE, going over more advanced topics and so much more! I will be there to hold your hand as you navigate throughout each module and lesson! And don’t forget that this means you get to join a community of like-minded students to bounce ideas off of, share your trial and error stories, and learn together!  

Just got my biggest sale ever...$9k!

Today, I had my biggest sale so far with a senior client...$9,000! Yes you read that correctly. I would have NEVER made this before!!! Feeling so grateful, shocked and excited! 


pricing for


Because passion doesn't pay the bills.



So how much is the course?

Value: $2500

I want you to think about a term you hear when considering purchasing education: return on investment. This means that whatever cost the education is to you, you will receive either a low, match, or high return BACK from the education you learn. Pricing for Profit offers a DIRECT return on your investment into the course simply because it teaches students how to make higher sales, therefore providing you with a return on your investment. And take it from my students... the return has proven to be incredibly high.   


You can start Pricing for Profit TODAY with just one payment of $200 (with two additional monthly payments of $200)  or, for the best value 1 payment of $499 (saving $100). 







Pay in Full

3 Month Payment Plan


Amanda's financial education

truly changed my family's life!

“I can tell you the financial pricing information from Amanda truly changed my family’s life.  I was able to stay home with my children and raise them and not have to put them in daycare. That was a huge blessing to me.  Second, we were able to build a house. We put half of the money for the house down and paid off half the mortgage in five years on the income I made based completely on the pricing that Amanda gave us.  You’re in good hands when it comes to pricing from Amanda Holloway.”

—  Kody Diane

Doors are open!

Frequently asked questions

I’m a busy hustler. Can I participate when I have the time or do I have to participate at certain times and days?

Pricing for Profit is an AT YOUR PACE kinda course! If you want to blast through it in a month, go for it! If you want to take your time and digest each module with plenty of time for homework, that’s awesome! Either way, you can take as much or as little time as you need. Everyone’s process will look a little different and that is the beauty of a self-paced course.

How long will I be able to access Pricing for Profit?

Forever! This is a lifetime course! Guess what that means?!? If you join NOW – you’re in forever... including when I update the course, add any modules, and evolve it overtime! Oh yes, joining now gets you all the future perks too!

Is this course for a certain kind of photographer?

Pricing for Profit is for ALL portrait photographers... no matter your genre or no matter your age, no matter your experience or no matter your level of income. You will walk away with new tools that have proven results time after time across thousands of students.

How is Pricing for Profit different than other pricing guides for photographers?

The key differences are in not only the sequence of how you build your pricing structure, but also in learning the WHY behind it all. So many photographers out there have no idea why they’re charging what they charging. Most looked at their competitors’ prices and just built from there. YOU have specific financial needs that others don’t. Why should you charge the same as others who may need less income than you? That’s going to leave you in a cycle of debt and THAT can be avoided with Pricing for Profit.

What kind of content is Pricing for Profit? Sometimes I need to read, hear and watch to absorb the information.

AWESOME! This course includes so many different levels of learning because I wanted to make sure that anyone could take this course, and get actionable education out of it. Each module presents a video with visuals of the information, downloadable worksheets and printables for hands on learning, the ability to download the slides for note taking if needed, and even a course workbook that dives in deep to each topic. No matter how you learn, I got your back!

Will we have access to you personally? What if I have questions?!?

HECK YES! I would NEVER leave you hanging to just figure it all out on your own! Once you’re a member of Pricing for Profit, you’re in the family! Feel free to add yourself to our online community where I will be checking in, answering questions LIVE, going over more advanced topics and so much more! I will be there to hold your hand as you navigate throughout each module and lesson! And don’t forget that this means you get to join a community of like-minded students to bounce ideas off of, share your trial and error stories, and learn together!

Can I buy Pricing for Profit now and then begin the course later? I’m busy this time of year!

ABSOLUTELY! I know that seasons come and go in a photographers’ life and you may need to wait until you can clear your calendar to get started. No worries! When you purchase your seat to Pricing for Profit, you’re in forever, so take your time and begin the course when you’re ready!

I’m a brand new photographer & just getting started. Is this course for me?

Are you kidding?!? NOW is the perfect time for Pricing for Profit! Want to know why? Because this means you’ll hit the ground running with good habits, good income, and good methods. So many photographers who have come to me later in their photography career tell me that they wish they would have learned my pricing education earlier because they had built so many bad habits and therefore had been attracting the wrong kind of clients all along. NOW is the time to learn incredible habits that will benefit you for years to come.

Do you have a refund policy?

I absolutely do! Within 30 days of your Pricing for Profit seat purchase, if you decide this course isn’t for you after you show me all of your completed homework, downloads, printables, worksheets, and notes as well as proof that you presented your new pricing structure to your clients without increased sales, we will refund your seat purchase.


Enroll in Pricing for Profit Today!





3 Month Payment Plan

Pay in Full

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