Putting Retirement Off?

I am always shocked when I hear how many of us photographers (especially women) do not have any kind of long term savings accounts i.e., retirement funds. 

Let me ask you something, do you plan on living off social security when you're 67 years old? Yes? I have something to tell you... social security is destined to run out by 2035. That's only 15 YEARS PEOPLE! If you're under the age of 42 years old, that means that social security will likely not be around to support you... which means that you will have ZERO money to live off if you haven't saved anything. 

Ok, so let's think on the bright side and just for funsies say that social security WILL be around by the time you retire. Did you know that the average social security benefit is $17,640 a year? Ummmmmm.... THAT IS POVERTY LEVEL PEOPLE!!! Why would you purposely put yourself in a position to live at the poverty level when you hit the age of 67 years old? That is bananas. It's time to re-think your future and start preparing for it. 

Listen, I know it's scary to think about and I know that a lot of us don't really know much about retirement accounts and all that. But guess what?! There are amazingly educated people out there that can help you with that. They are called Financial Advisors and they are waiting for you right this very moment! We are going to dive into retirement accounts in the future with these newsletters, but for now, I just want you to call a few local advisors and set up FREE appointments with them to talk about your situation. Tell them that you just want to meet with them to talk about a possible retirement account. The BEST advisors will help answer any questions you have without pressuring you while listening to your concerns. I LOVE my Financial Advisor, Chad, and he has been just that for me... he's never pressured me to invest more than I wanted and even helps me analyze all my "What ifs" whenever I need. There are so many great ones out there and I just know you'll find one too. Once you've found your Chad, really think about committing and opening up a retirement account. Most of you will end up starting a Roth IRA (which your financial advisor can help you with) and be on your way to purposeful retirement and THAT is a beautiful thing!

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